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Exploring future of humans.

Hello friends,
Today I want to discuss the future. More specifically the unspecified future. In movies and other entertainment mediums, such as Blade Runner, storytellers depict future in what I would deem a shortsighted manner. The realizations of current technology trees predicate the technologies we see in these mediums because those trees are the most tangible evolutions of technology that link to our world as it is today. That is to say, A flying car is an evolution of the tech you use every day, and it’s easy to bridge the gap between your interactions and those of futuristic characters. Some consider this the “dumbing down” of entertainment for the masses, while others may conclude that the writers and directors have a lack of imagination… However, most people don’t consider these thought processes at all. That’s because it’s hard to imagine technology if we don’t know the derivation of that technology. The internet is a great example of this, If I were to ask any person in the early 1800’s logical questions that should lead them to surmise the possibility of an internet, they simply wouldn’t. The foundational technologies that led to the internet weren’t found yet, nor the synergistic nature of those technologies.
Based on the technology we have available today, we can surmise quite a few technological branches, Star Trek is a great example of this, even in the 1960’s the writers of Star Trek laid the imaginative groundwork for cell phones, personal communicators, translation devices, Virtual reality simulators, teleportation machines, warp drive, laser guns, force fields, and a myriad of other tech that we have come to create, and are still working on. In some sense this thought experiment is exponential; as these technologies develop they leads to different technologies, and spur innovation in other fields. This synergy is one of the reasons why it is hard to accurately depict the future of technology, and not accounting for synergy is why entertainment mediums are shortsighted in my opinion.
Looking forward, I’d like to lay out some general advancements that we know are going to happen, and try to peer into our future; for this let’s start with biomechanical engineering and advancements in health systems. Periodically I discuss this specific topic with reasonably intelligent people and I find that there is a sentiment of fear regarding these advancements. This fear stems from basal questions such as: “What is life? Who are we? What makes us human?”. Today scientists are trying to develop ways of growing synthetic organs, such as the pancreas, liver and heart. As the development of stem cell research and Crispr technologies continues, prosthetic and artificial body parts will also continue to develop. If I mention bionic limbs, such as arm, your mind’s eye might be picturing one of the many bionic limbs that we have seen in movies, such as this one
[To terminate, or not to terminate](
But this is an example of shortsighted storytelling that is based on our current technology. The Terminators arm is crudely robotic, simply a mechanical arm with a flesh sleeve. While this prosthetic arm would be a wondrous development, it is simply a point on the developmental line from our current ability to the level where we would see widespread adoption of this type of technology.
A human forearm is comprised of two bones called the Radius and Ulna along with your flexor and extensor muscles plus the tissue that comprises your epidermis. Overall your forearm is approximately 4lbs. This is important because mass adoption of prosthetic limbs would require a high degree of mimicry. In order to achieve this initially, developers would try to emulate every part of the human forearm, while having the ability to surpass human limitations in ways that are tailored to each individual.
[Carbon-fiber Nanotubes](
We would use Carbon fiber nano tubing to replicate the Ulna and Radius bones, and house the potential upgrades. They would create synthetic muscle fibers that acted as their original counterparts. Everything would appear as natural as possible in order to create an authenticity that would give users a sense of unity in their being. They would even replicate the effects of pain (maybe not to the same degree).
If we use the bionic arm as a starting point to understand how we would develop bionic systems for adoption, we can use that as a rubric for other bionic parts such as legs, thighs, upper arms, torso, etc. This conversation turns on its head a little when we start to create bionic replicas of sexual organs, which invariably will happen (and might even lead the way in development). As our affinity with technology improves, certain identities such as our sexual identity will change… Radically. Say 50 years in the future I have enhanced my body to adopt bionic structures. First I start with bionic arms; I now have a perfect sense of touch, my physical capabilities match or surpass the greatest athletes of every past generation, I no longer suffer from degenerative diseases or viruses, because in one of my forearms is a “docking station” where I can edit my DNA using the next evolution of CRISPR technology. I no longer get sick because my body is filled with nanobots that can quickly and efficiently carry vaccinations to my T-cells and assist in the process of creating antibodies. These nanobots can identify bacteria, alert me or my “doctor” of the bacteria and synthesize an antibiotic that said specific bacteria will be weak to. They would also be able to identify cancer and edit the rna of the cancer cells before said cancer cells go mitosis. My bionic arms “docking station” would also allow me to upload data into some sort of hard drive that my brain could access. So for example, if I’m on a flight from LA to Tokyo for 4 hours I would be able to watch a movie as if it’s appearing right in front of me with perfect sound system, that no one else would be able to see. I wouldn’t need to put a screen on my arm, nor any input devices because my “mind’s eye” would be my screen, and my thoughts would be my input device. I would probably not allow neural networking to my nanobots from any non-secure equivalent of Wi-Fi, hence the “docking station”, but even my bodily vitals could be uploaded to a secure connection with my “doctor”. So now that I have my bionic arms, it’s time for my bionic legs, after all our feet and circulatory system in the lower part of our body is fairly inefficient, and my bionic arms have enhanced my life enough that I want to replicate that in my other extremities. Now I have the ability to travel anywhere, for as long as I live, I don’t have to worry about my knees giving out or the constant pains that nag at us as we grow older.
Where to go from here… Well, since it’s 50 years in the future and I’m almost 80, let’s get prosthetic sexual organs. So now that that’s done, where else can we go? What’s to stop me from implementing female sexual organs, or a handy carrying case when I don’t need to have sex, or something completely different? Nothing. So now I have contracted an engineer to develop the perfect amalgamation of sexual organs, where they take 10 design concepts, choose the “best” and then create 10 derivations of that, and so on and so forth until they come to me with this swiss army knife of pleasure and utility. Great, now what? Let’s replace our “trunk”, since we have replaced all of our failing organs as well as our limbs let’s continue to upgrade. Now every part of my body is replaceable in the same manner my sexual organs are. You will invariably see Lion bodies with people’s heads attached roaming the savannah on vacation. Flight? There’s no real reason why we couldn’t create a trunk with wings. They might be 80ft long and be impractical while we aren’t flying, but after I land I can shed them and continue on my merry way. In fact I can create an upgrade kit that transforms the carbon fiber nano-tubing from above in a more efficient fashion than Legos. One minute I’m walking in front of my house carrying a briefcase, the next I’m flying through the sky with my 80ft wingspan and swan diving into the ocean and my googles and wings turn into the outer layer of a dolphin as I literally swim with the fishes.
Ok so now I am a head with augmentable body parts, what’s next? Well once we start implementing neural networking we can enhance our cognitive abilities past any scope of understanding we currently possess. Right now there is a field of Computer science called Quantum computing. The transistors that engineers use to create computers now are getting smaller with every new generation of computer hardware. Eventually these transistors will become so small that the excitement of an electron in one transistor will cause that electron to possibly pass to a neighboring transistor and the 1’s could be read as 0’s and vice versa. Quantum computing bypasses that by using superposition and entanglement instead of binary electronic transistors mentioned above. So if we hypothetically froze computer science to where we are now, and developed inter-neural networks, a human brain could access all of the processing power that a computer has, as well as the data stored, in conjunction with our innate imagination. Even with today’s computing, this would be such a powerful advancement that we would enter the true renaissance era for humans. Setting aside the potential in such technology, let’s focus on the implementation of inter-neural network. 100 years from now, I’m living the great life of being an autobot mixed with a terminator, but I’m really waiting for the ability to hook my brain up to a computer; it finally happens. I undergo a procedure where nanobots carry the pieces necessary to create my neuralink, set it up and turn it on (Meanwhile I’m enjoying a philosophical debate with a cat and a 30ft golem next to the pool full of mermaids and what not). My neuralink turns on and I gain something much closer to omniscience. Great, now I can continue to replace my head. Scientists develop grey matter that they can program to act just like the brain matter we currently have, but the neural network is already perfectly set up using an advanced form of mathematics and neuroscience, but very importantly, this brain matter can be repaired by nanobots. So I replace 1 part of my brain at a time. Hippocampus out, Ultra Hippocampus in; I now have an eidetic memory, 700 Petabytes of information, My emotions work exactly the same or better, and my autonomic nervous system is the epitome of efficient. Next I upgrade my cerebellum, my occipital lobe, my prefrontal cortex, and on and on 1 piece at a time until the last part of my original brain is left. Then I replace that. Now I have a completely synthetic brain, and body. My sensory organs are all upgraded, and my cranium is replaced using the same carbon fiber nano tubing. My entire body is now synthetic, I am the definition of an android or robot, yet I am still a cyborg and a human. Why? Because the “me-ness” of Me never left. Every piece that I augmented myself with became a part of me, my synthetic hippocampus is now MY hippocampus, same with every other part of me. While I have discarded my old body in favor of a new one, I am still the progenitor of my conscience in all of its forms. In the sense of consciousness I am both a necessary and contingent being.
I have replaced my body. I have replaced my brain. I am nothing that I was, but I am far more than I could have ever hoped to have been. What now? Well, why should my brain be confined to the inside of my head? What if I installed my brain in my house or somewhere that is safe, and used a peripheral body to explore with? If I do so, the threat to my mortality while exploring is limited, and the peripheral bodies that I use aren’t determined by the size of what makes me “Me”. So Engineers fashion a facility that optimizes the safety and ability of each person. My brain goes into my safe space and my exploratory self enters the physical shape that I choose for that outing. I choose to explore more and more options as they become available; so one day I start as a human in perfect physical shape, with the knowledge pool of martial arts that I drew randomly and enter the Colosseum. I make it to the 4th round before being “eliminated”. Damn, that was exhilarating, let’s go again! After that experience I decide to be a Bee, then an actual dolphin, then a Pokemon. Then a flower, what is it like to live your life with only the senses of a plant? Good question, let’s find out. One time while I’m bored of the fantastical I decide to be phytoplankton. Let’s stop here on this leg of the future. As we can see, even with my limited imagination the possibilities of the future are fascinating to say the least.
Ok, so let’s now focus on one of the subjects we brought up at the start of this discussion, Entertainment. A lot of the Millennial and generation Z demographic play video games. Statistically speaking 73% of these demographic groups own console systems, and close to 100% play video games in some capacity. As Technology improves, the way we entertain ourselves will change. Console gaming as it is uses a peripheral controller to facilitate your influence over the game. Virtual reality will replace consoles as the dominant form of gaming eventually. Virtual reality games are already on the market place. They cover a wide array of games, but still kind of follow the development of previous video games. You have flight simulators, combat simulators, Skyrim, Star Trek Bridge crew etc. These virtual reality games use a headset that lets your experience visual and sound stimuli.
[Sword Art: Online lends credibility to this content](
But what happens when we can incorporate all of our stimuli? Time is connected to space, they are one and the same, called the Space-Time Continuum. We experience time at the same rate as everyone else on our planet does because we are traveling the same speed as everyone else. But our dream states are different, and a superimposed dream state, like a virtual reality, could also be different. That is to say, if I “log in” to my virtual reality, there’s no real reason why 1 hour of “real time” has to be 1 hour of game time. In fact, the only real tie between the two is the computing power necessary to generate game time. As such I could conceivably program my Virtual reality machine to have a session that lasts 1 hour last 12 hours. So let’s paint a scenario; 20 years from now I have this great new Virtual reality machine, it lets me simulate all sorts of fantastical ideas, including one where I play “Legends of Zelda” as Link. For every 1 hour of real time I get 3 hours of Link gameplay. I swing my sword around and grab some hearts and stab a couple of giant spiders and get ganked by some spiders myself, a grand time to be had. After that 3 hours I wake up, revel in my experiences, and then drudgingly go on about my day. Next they recreate World of Warcraft, let’s do it. World of Warcraft has an internal clock of 1 game day is 2 world hours. So 12 Wow days pass every day. I start the game, land in Durotar and start nuking some pig people, I go into town and turn in my quests, I go out and try out my new spell, just reveling in the ability to use magic. It seems so real! How did they turn something so ethereal into something incredibly tangible? This is amazing, I don’t want to stop, I have been in WoW land for 4 days, I have stuff to do in the real world. This process repeats ad nauseam. Then something interesting happens, using Neuroscience, a game is developed where while you’re in game you don’t remember anything except for the game itself. You set your timer in the real world before you start and the system shuts down after that time has expired. While you could do an MMO using this model, you can also use a single player game in this model. The benefit of single player is that you can dictate how time flows a little more. So instead of 2 real hours being 1 game day, you can set variable times. For instance, a game comes out that emulates real life. You literally start the game in the hands of your “mom” as the doctor cuts your umbilical cord. The first 2.5 years aren’t all that eventful, so you set the game to process that time frame in 1 3 hour setting. Due to the processing power available, the game gives you generalized snippets of “life” for those first couple of years and Freud is proud of you and how you overcame the invariable Oedipus Complex. You wake up, feel a little odd about the game, but continue your day normally. Next time you play your real life simulator you have a full Saturday, you decide you want to bang out the next 5 years in 8 hours. After all, you don’t really develop permanent memories until you’re about 7 and this is one of the games recommended settings. In that 8 hours you get to relive childhood, you feel that overwhelming sensation of fascination when you learn something new, when you see your uncle perform the severed thumb magic trick, you run through fields and climb all over the playground, revel in the McDonald’s playground and hamburger that your parents occasionally let you have. You develop friends, learn to ride a bike, play a board game, throw a baseball, play hide and go seek, struggle to write your ABC’s, get mad because “mom” wouldn’t let you go out and play (you were getting ready for a special dinner, be reasonable). You live life as a child again… then you wake up. It’s been 8 hours, but it’s felt like years. Earlier today you got irritated because your laundry machine kept shaking, and your boss wants a report due in an unreasonable time frame. Now all of that feels so contrived and meaningless. Your friend Sammy just found a frog and is bringing it to class tomorrow; Last Friday you were 2nd best at the spelling challenge your class does every week, but you’ve been practicing all week and you’re ready to win 1st. This new kid came into class about a month ago and seems kind of strange, but yesterday he showed you how to play this game called Soccer, and when you brought it up to your older sibling they said they would show you more this Saturday. You slip back into mundane life, knowing that it is 7:15 and you have dinner plans with a friend at 8. As the night wears on you come back to your real life, the trials and tribulations of being 8 are replaced by reality, but they still nag at you. In the back of your mind you’re really interested in that frog… You decide to go back into the simulator after dinner and spend another 2 hours immersed in the 8th grade. As your time in the virtual world ends you’re falling asleep on the first Friday of summer vacation, wondering what the world is going to bring tomorrow, “Dad” said you guys had to wake up early to go do some work stuff, but you saw the fishing poles lined up in the garage. You emerge from your virtual reality and shuffle off to bed, where you dream about being 9 year old version of you. Over the next couple of weeks you spend more and more time in your virtual reality, and each time you enter the world you spend less and less time in that world. You started off trading 3 hours for 2.5 years. Due to the current level of Virtual reality technology, to experience everything at what you would consider “normal” pace, the equivalence of 1 real hour is 1 virtual reality week; and by the time you are 12 in the simulation, that is the setting you use. You have become addicted to being a kid, the next 15 years of the simulation take you ½ a year at 30 hours a week to live through. By the time your 27 in game you have developed the responsibilities of an adult, and while you are very content with your simulation life, your real life isn’t drawn to the idea of simulating adulthood with A.I anymore. You restart, this time on a new level, as a different species on a different planet. This time you aren’t quite so addicted, you’ve been able to relive your childhood and now you’re experiencing something else, the rhetoric and idiosyncrasies of the species you’re playing in the new simulation are bizarre to you, and kind of fascinating. You look upon this world in a slightly contrived way, but enjoy your experience in this virtual reality. There’s one big difference between your first experience and this one. The first one was a single player game, but the engineers have managed to make this version of the game multiplayer in some capacity. No one in the game has Meta-knowledge that they are in a game, but a lot of the beings you are interacting with are actually the shadows of other people, or the other person themselves.
While you’re logged into the game/simulation you are Todd, you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and now you’re a scientist that is pondering the fabric of space-time, you are looking for a way that the universe makes sense, you know that on the quantum level things interact differently than on a general or cosmic level and it is slightly confounding. You have often wondered if there are other life forces in the universe, whether there is more than your reality. Two decades ago a movie came out that hypothesized that we as humans lost the war to A.I and live in a simulation. You often dream of taking the “red pill”. Then you wake up…
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